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Post Doc in Cape Town and Johannesburg

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The South African ALICE groups are seeking candidates for post-doctoral fellowships in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The fellowships are offered by the National Research Foundation, the University of Cape Town and the University of the Witwatersrand.

The current centre for ALICE in South Africa are the groups at the University of Cape Town and at nearby iThemba LABS in Somerset West. Recently the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg announced its intent to establish an ALICE group and joined the ALICE collaboration. The South African ALICE activities are a core part of the South African SA-CERN programme, alongside ATLAS, ISOLDE and related theoretical physics.

South Africa contributes to the High-Level Trigger and will join the online-offline, or O2, computing upgrade project with a focus on the integration of the muon spectrometer and the transition radiation detector. The groups also work on data analysis related to muon and photon measurements as well as light-flavour particle production in ALICE.

The post-doctoral fellows are expected to work in ALICE on one of the following topics:

- Online-Offline (O2) Computing Upgrade
- Muon production in p-p, p-Pb or Pb-Pb collisions
- Analysis of data using the Thermal Model and the Tsallis Distribution
- Photon measurements as a probe of hot and dense matter

For more information or if you wish to apply, please consult the following links and contact Tom Dietel ( CLOAKING ).



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Les Brèves

Dear friends,  The ALICE EMCal project passed a major milestone today with the installation of two super modules - one fabricated in the US and one in Europe.  The installation was completed in the alloted time with only one or two minor hiccups.  Electrical connection of the SMs is already in progress and we should see first communication between the SMs and the ALICE DAQ room very soon.  Now we will turn our full attention on SM#3 and #4 and our (rather aggressive) goal of installing two more SMs before the LHC runs.

We are grateful for the outstanding expert support from ALICE Technical Coordination and the tireless effort of the Nantes team ( Manoel, Jean Se, Phillippe) that made this very challenging process seem routine.  

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